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Basic Compression Library v1.2.0 released!

In this new release the Huffman coder has been corrected. It was previously a Shannon-Fano coder (which is very similar to the Huffman coder). Thanks to Tomasz Cichocki for pointing it out.

The old Shannon-Fano coder has been apropriately renamed from "Huffman" to "Shannon-Fano", so you can still use the old coder if you wish.

Posted by Marcus Geelnard 2006-07-22

Basic Compression Library v1.1.2 released!

After 1 1/2 year, a new release is finally out. This release is mainly a maintainance release. Both the distribution and the homepage got a face lift.

Posted by Marcus Geelnard 2006-06-26

Moving to Subversion

Development of the Basic Compression Library has been idle for quite some time, which can hopefully be attributed to its stable state.

I felt it was time to revitalize the project, and for a start, I am currently moving from the old CVS repository to a Subversion repository (I am very fond of Subversion, and happy to see that Sourceforge has added support for it).

Posted by Marcus Geelnard 2006-06-20