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Encryption Support

I am now in the process of adding encryption support for basiCommunication. It will feature a 768 byte key that comes from a user-specified file on disk. The program reads in the first 768 bytes of this file and then initializes an internal byte array to these values.

Now, whenever a packet is sent or received, and the option to use encryption is selected, the program will add or subtract the byte values from the packet's byte data, byte-for-byte. In this way, the length of the packet sent across the network does not change, and the encryption is quite secure (6144-bit encryption). The update will move the client and server versions up to v3.0.7, and is scheduled for completion by the end of the week. Currently, I am looking for testers or anyone interested in trying out the update.... read more

Posted by Daniel 2006-12-03

Announcing basiCommunication

Businesses, universities, and other organizations frequently use discussion networks as a means to provide internal communication. basiCommunication is an open source alternative that allows these organizations to set up their own network. It supports up to 4000 users, 200 rooms, and 20 users per room. It also features instant messaging, virtual chalkboards, file sharing, and moderated discussions. It is ideal for both local networks and public access, if desired. This could be used as a substitute for an IRC network, as it is very easy to set up a server and have people join the network. Some uses include: hosting study sessions (like at a university), private meetings (rooms can be pasword-protected), and general chat.

Posted by Daniel 2006-11-30