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Bbom / News: Recent posts

BitStormLite 0.2p released

the 4GB bug is finally fixed! special thanks to Gentoofans <>
0.2p released

Posted by GaoXianchao 2007-12-01

BitStormLite 0.2n released

fix a bug in CStorage::getPieceLength(), it cause files large than 4GB can not be fully download
0.2n released

Posted by GaoXianchao 2007-11-22

BitStormLite 0.2m released

use external gettext library
change homepage to
new bitstormlite.desktop file
0.2m released

Posted by GaoXianchao 2007-09-20

BitStormLite 0.2i released

a serious bug in 0.2g is fixed in 0.2i
please update to 0.2i

Posted by GaoXianchao 2007-04-18

BitStormLite 0.2h released

GUI is improved
2 bugs was fixed

very large(>4G) download is OK

Posted by GaoXianchao 2007-04-15

BitStormLite 0.2g released

BitStormLite 0.2g fix a bug when generating peerid

Posted by GaoXianchao 2007-02-13

BitStormLite 0.2f released

bitstorm lite 0.2f works on 64bit OS now!

Posted by GaoXianchao 2007-02-08

BitStormLite 0.2e released

fix a bug

Posted by GaoXianchao 2006-12-17

BitStormLite 0.2d released

boost download speed

Posted by GaoXianchao 2006-12-04

BitStormLite 0.2c released

three bugs was fixed
see changelog

Posted by GaoXianchao 2006-10-06

BitStormLite 0.2b released

new feature:
upload speed limit and download speed limit

Posted by GaoXianchao 2006-01-14