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Submitting Changes

To submit changes to BBCT, you first need to clone the git repository. You can find instructions at [Getting Started]. When you have cloned the repository, be sure to pull the devel branch and create a new branch for your own work. Make small, cohesive commits for the changes you want to submit. (See [Git Commit Message Guidelines].) When you are ready to submit your changes, you need to make a patch and submit it to the mailing list. (The following instructions use $BBCT_HOME to refer to the base directory where you cloned the git repository.)

  1. Create a patch with Git:

    1. In $BBCT_HOME, create a subdirectory named patch.

    2. Pull the most recent version of the devel branch (e.g. with 'git pull devel' from the command-line).

    3. Checkout the branch containing your work (e.g. with 'git checkout').

    4. Rebase your work onto devel (e.g. with 'git rebase devel').

    5. Create the patch series for your work. From a command prompt, run 'cd $BBCT_HOME' and 'git format-patch -o patch devel..HEAD'.

  2. Email the patch files to bbct-list.

    1. If you have not yet, join the BBCT mailing list.

    2. Log into your email account.

    3. Create a new email to and start the Subject field with "Code Review:" followed by a short description of the changes made in the patch which you are submitting.

    4. Copy and paste the contents of a single .patch file in the body of the email in order to facilitate inline comments to the proposed changes.

    5. Attach the .patch file from $BBCT_HOME/patch.

    6. Repeate steps 3 through 5 as needed for each .patch file. (There should be one .patch file per commit in the change set.)


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