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Getting Started

Code Guru Madhuri Mishra
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Getting Started


This sections explains the prerequisites and procedures required to start working on the BBCT code.


You must download and install the following applications to access and compile the BBCT code:

To create a local code repository

  • Ensure that you have the git repository installed on your local system.
  • Open Git Gui.
  • Click Click Clone Existing Repository.
  • Obtain the source repository URL:
  • In Source Location, in Git Gui, paste the source repository URL.
  • In Target Location, in Git Gui, define the location of your local repository.
    Note: Ensure that the local repository folder does not already exist.
  • Click Clone to download the BBCT code to the local repository.

This document is for developers who want to contribute to BBCT. You must follow these steps to obtain the source code from the git repository and import all of the Eclipse projects into an Eclipse workspace.

  1. Create a GitHub account or sign in to an exisiting one.

  2. Go to the BBCT repo on GitHub and fork it.

  3. Clone your personal BBCT repo locally.

  4. Checkout the devel branch. (You may need to pull it first.)

  5. Import Eclipse projects.

  6. Download and install any [Required Tools]. Optionally, download and install any [Suggested Tools].

  7. Create a new branch for your own work.

  8. As you work on a ticket, commit your changes in small, coherent increments.

  9. When you finish, push your feature branch to your personal GitHub repo.

  10. Issue a pull request on the BBCT repo page.

To Do: Flesh out the details for each step.

To Do: Steps 6 and 7 don't really fit the flow of the rest of the instructions.


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