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Batch Renamer / News: Recent posts

Batch Renamer 2.1 released - multi-language support

The multi-language support version of Batch Renamer has been released. It has support for Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish and Spanish.

Posted by Marcos Chaves 2004-09-05

Batch Renamer multi-language support release candidate

This is the first release candidate for the multi-language support of Batch Renamer. It includes support to: Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek and Norwegian.

Other languages can be available on release 2.1. If you can translate Batch Renamer to other languages (there are just 19 messages) or can review the translations already available, please see how you can contribute on the project's homepage.

Posted by Marcos Chaves 2004-08-26

Batch Renamer 2.0.1 released

A new use guide was added in the Win32 package for Batch Renamer release 2.0.1.

Posted by Marcos Chaves 2004-08-25

Batch Renamer 2.0 released

In Batch Renamer release 2.0, a better and more intuitive GUI was added. Rename preview allows user to test different search and rename patterns before applying them to the files on the disc.

Posted by Marcos Chaves 2004-07-30

Batch Renamer 1.2 released

New features on Batch Renamer release 1.2:

- Replace pattern can be dynamically defined based on a regular expression search pattern. By grouping search patterns with parentesis, the matched values can be referencied as \1, \2, \3...

- Numeric sequences can be used on the replace pattern by using the special \# character sequence.

Posted by Marcos Chaves 2004-07-09

Batch Renamer 1.1 released

Batch Renamer version 1.1 released. Regular expression is now supported.

Posted by Marcos Chaves 2004-07-05

Bugfix release 1.0.2

This is a bugfix release. It fixes a small bug in the installation script. Now the icon file is properly copied during the installation process.

Posted by Marcos Chaves 2004-07-03

Bugfix release 1.0.1

This is a bugfix release. It fixes a bug when handling files with non ASCII filenames or when using non ASCII search patterns or replace strings.

Posted by Marcos Chaves 2004-06-29

Batch Renamer 1.0 released

Initial release of Batch Renamer is now available.
With the cross platform GUI, users can rename several files at once. For Windows users, a single file installer executable is available.

Posted by Marcos Chaves 2004-06-29