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More Data Available

I have just uploaded the new Basilisk 1.10 data package, containing a TON of new data from Shaun Gierent. I have already uploaded these data files to the CVS repository.

The complete list of sources for the treasure generator are now:

Book of Eldritch Might
Core Rules (PHB, DMG, MM)
Defenders of the Faith
Diablo II: Diablerie
Dragon Magazine (274, 275, 277, 278, 279, 280, 281, 283, 284, 285, 287, 288, 289, 290, 291, Annual #5)
Dragon Lords of Melnibone
Dragons (AEG)
Dungeons (AEG)
Encyclopaedia Arcane: Demonology
Encyclopaedia Arcane: Necromancy
Evil (AEG)
Forgotton Realms Campaign Setting
Gladiator: Sands of Death
Jade Dragons & Hungry Ghosts
Legions of Hell
Lords of Darkness
Magic of Faerun
Manual of the Planes
Mystic Warriors
Nightmares & Dreams
Relics & Rituals
Song and Silence
Sword and Fist
Tome and Blood
Touched by the Gods
Traps & Treachery
Undead (AEG)... read more

Posted by Jamis Buck 2002-01-15

More Data Available

Micah Higgins of the Netbook of Magical Treasures has submitted more items from that netbook. Also, Spencer Cooley has submitted spells from the Magic of Faerun and FRCS. Packages for 'data', 'src', and 'all' have been built (version 1.05).

The 'src' package was rebuilt because the 'config.h' header file was apparently not being included. This has been fixed.

Posted by Jamis Buck 2001-12-07

More Data Available

I have recieved data files for the Manual of the Planes, more Dragon Magazine issues, Polyhedron Magazine, Dungeon Magazine, the Book of Eldritch Might, and the Diablo book. The data has been added to the CVS repository, and the 1.04 release of the "all" and "data" packages have been made available. Enjoy!

Posted by Jamis Buck 2001-09-04

Update Data Files -- Again

Another data file update: Mark Arnold ( submitted data entered from the Tome and Blood and Defenders of the Faith books. I also modified the treasure generator so that you can configure it to show the names of the sources that the data is coming from.

I have put together two packages, too -- one for the data, and a complete package with everything (even though it was really only the data that changed). They are marked as version 1.03.

Posted by Jamis Buck 2001-08-30

Updated Data Files

I may be deep into writing Medusa (the successor to Basilisk), but I'm still making the (very) occassional fix to Basilisk. I have added the Netbook of Magical Treasures data to the basilisk data section, and fixed a minor bug where Stinking Cloud was showing up as 2nd level instead of 3rd on scrolls. I have also released a new package containing just the new data -- 1.02.

Posted by Jamis Buck 2001-08-10

Basilisk Data Engine now at SourceForge

Basilisk is now hosted at SourceForge. The CVS tree has been set up, and the packages and releases have been uploaded and configured. One of the biggest changes that has been made as part of this move is that the license for Basilisk has been changed from the Artistic license to the GPL.

Posted by Jamis Buck 2001-02-27

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