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    I need your help for making Basilisk v 0.8 work.
    My configuration is:
    Windows NT workstation 4 SP6
    Pentium 3 450Mhz
    256 RAM,
    Hard disk SCSI 4,3 GB
    Hard disk IDE 6,4 GB
    Internal Syquest 200 MB reader
    CD-ROM Asus 40x
    Oxigen VX1,
    Creative Live!basic
    SCSI card

    The situation:
    I installed MacOpener r3.0 on my Win NT that, as you
    know, allows me to
    read and format the Mac disk. I installed MacOS 7.6.1
    from the CD on a 200
    MB card of the internal Syquest reader; everything is
    working well (except
    the desktop screen that doesn't appear).

    I added to the SCSI chain a 256MB SCSI Hard disk, HFV
    formatted. I took it
    from an old LCII and it is easily recognized by NT.

    I named the 256 Hard disk "MAC" and I installed the
    MacOS successfully (I
    can also see the desktop). I utilized many
    applications (Open transport,
    TCP-IP, freePPP), I surfed on the web and I checked
    the mail with Eudora:
    everything seems to work.

    Something weird happens with the trash. When I'm on NT
    and, from a
    hard disk, after trashing something (even an empty
    folder) a message
    "Impossible deleting the file..... Error in the File

    After this I'm not able anymore to launch Basilisk
    from the Hard
    disk 256 where the MacOS used to be and I loose all
    the installation.
    I found the NT trash in a "recycled" folder into the
    Hard disk.

    I noticed that this problem doesn't occur using the
    Syquest cartridge
    because it has not a trash.
    Files are directly deleted and they're not just
    shifted in the trash.
    Then I modified the NT trash properties. I set
    the "MAC" disk for not
    reserving any space to the trash and to directly
    delete, like the Syquest
    does. No result, this option didn't solve the problem.

    I also try to format the "MAC" disk as NTFS or in FAT
    (read/write mode):
    Again no result, even this option didn't solve the

    What do I have to do? Of course I can use the Syquest
    but I'd prefer to use
    the hard disk.

    I hope you'll find a way to fix this problem.

    Thank you for your help.

    Gianni <virtbook@tin.it>

  • Christian Bauer

    Christian Bauer - 2000-07-24
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  • thomas cabernoch

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    um ... it kind of sounds like you've directly mounted a mac
    formated hard drive. the basilisk gui interface gives you
    specific warnings about this when you choose to do so.

    i tried taking a hard drive from an old mac and adding it
    to my system. the emulated mac saw it three times. it
    worked great. it seemed to me that disk access was faster
    than it was from the normal basilisk HFV drive file. i
    thought it was a great idea until it simply stopped
    working. i have no idea what i did, but that drive simply
    wouldn't respond to anything but a repartition/reformat
    after a few uses.


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