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Project Abandoned

The project is abandoned again ... But don't worry, it is being continued somewhere else ...

Posted by Chicken#oo1 2006-06-23


I have requested a new project on sourceforge, cause all admins I contacted in here are occupied... So when it is accepted, the project will be moved ... A new name, and a new interface (I am sure of the last thing ;-) ) And the new name is actually a catchy name ... NSB-IDE what stands for "Not So Basic - IDE" :-) if you want to join please contact me ...

Posted by Chicken#oo1 2006-06-23

Look who is back ?

I will try to update this project to delphi 2005/2006 and remove all externally made components and replace them with own made so that people who try to help this project won't have to search around ...

Posted by Chicken#oo1 2006-06-18

New Website!

Thanks to the talents of Daniel Massie (, we have a new, cool, website for the IDE! You can see the new look at:

If you have any suggestions, please email them to Daniel using our contact form or his website.

Posted by Taj Morton 2003-07-13

New Recruits!

We are happy to introduce three new members of our team:
Elio Cuevas Gmez (Working on a TProject object)
Paul Hampson (Working on the Form Designer)
Daniel Massie (Redoing our website)

Thanks everyone! If you would like to get in touch with anyone, visit these pages:


Paul: read more

Posted by Taj Morton 2003-07-11

BASIC IDE Released

Another release of the BASIC IDE was released today. This version can now open files from the command line, as well as with a double-click from Windows. Also, this version has support for all Global Options and Project Options (listed in the dialogs). Also, this is the first release that has support for RapidQ only.

In the next release, a Form Designer will be added, followed by "dumb" code tip.... read more

Posted by Taj Morton 2003-06-10

BASIC IDE to support only one language

The BASIC IDE will now only support one programming language. The language that the BASIC IDE will support will be RapidQ (by default, anyway). The new code is being written in such a way that it will not be to hard to make it support a different language.

Posted by Taj Morton 2003-05-29

BASIC IDE released

The latest version of the BASIC IDE was released a few days ago and both source and binarys can be downloaded from:
Please see the ChangeLog for more info.

Posted by Taj Morton 2003-03-12

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