Rocky Bernstein

We have source tarballs of debuggers for bash, python, zsh, ksh, GNU make 3.81 and Python.

Version control, in git, for many of these has been moved elsewhere, but we still have the bash repository here. That's what we use this wiki for.

Here is what we have so far for bash:


Screenshot thumbnail
bashdb from inside emacs

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  • Pavel Safranek

    Pavel Safranek - 2014-01-14
    Post awaiting moderation.
  • Rocky Bernstein

    Rocky Bernstein - 2014-12-15

    I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner. Probably if this were filed under support requests or bugs I might have gotten a notification. Let's move discussion there if you are still interested.

    Yes, probably the debugger is not finding the bulk of the code library and the install is supposed to make sure it gets this right. In the bashdb script look for variable _Dbg_libdir and see what directory that points to and make sure that is there.


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