#2 GUI Password, Auto udev backup.

Huw Smith

Is it possible to use the GUI backup interface on devices with passwords? as it keeps telling me im lacking a password but not how to enter it.

If not are the raw outputs given by the -d option usable by the -s -f combination directly and could a piped input be used instead of an input file so that something like this work as a backup and restore that could be added to a udev script before bcharge so everytime its connected its backed up?


read password
btool -d 'Memos' -P $password > /home/enilno/BBMemos.raw
btool -d 'Phone Call Logs' -P $password | openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -salt -out /home/enilno/BBPhonelog.enc -pass pass:$password


read password
btool -s 'Memos' -P $password -f /home/enilno/BBMemos.raw
openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc -in /home/enilno/BBPhonelog.enc -pass pass:$password | sudo btool -s 'Phone Call Logs' -P $password


  • Net Direct Inc.

    Net Direct Inc. - 2007-03-17

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    Good catch, I had forgotten to update the GUI. Latest CVS as of 2007/03/16 implements a proper password prompt dialog for the barrybackup program.

    Currently there is no command line backup tool. The btool -f switch only works for saving and restoring the Address Book database. There is plenty of code in the GUI to reuse, though, if you wanted to write a command line version of backup. I'd recommend you started with that for pure backups, as it stores the records in binary, and in tar format, whereas btool focuses on parsing the records and interpreting the field meanings.

    As I've fixed the GUI password bug, I'll consider this issue closed.

    - Chris

  • Net Direct Inc.

    Net Direct Inc. - 2007-03-17
    • status: open --> closed

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