#44 Barry don't load (dump) contacts with cyrillic names



When I try to enum address book record it shows a correct its count:

$ btool -T "Address Book"
Blackberry devices found:
Device ID: 0x657360. PIN: 20ea8dbd, Description: RIM BlackBerry Device
Using device (PIN): 20ea8dbd
Record state table for: Address Book
Index RecordId Dirty RecType
------- ---------- ----- -------
1 0x43ee1fe4 yes 0x00 00000000: 00 00 00 00
2 0x43ee1fe7 yes 0x00 00000000: 00 00 00 00
3 0x43ee1fe8 yes 0x00 00000000: 00 00 00 00

But when I try to dump them it grabs only two of three, see log dump.


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-12-20
  • Net Direct Inc.

    Net Direct Inc. - 2011-12-22

    I'd love to reproduce this here. This kind of thing has been reported before, but we don't know the exact kind of data needed to reproduce.

    If you could post the data in the missing contacts, that might help.

    If you edit the contacts to remove the cyrrillic characters, does that change the behaviour? Are the records skipped again if you put the cyrrillic characters back in?

    What model device do you have? And what version of firmware?

    Are you able to create a backup using the Windows software from RIM? If so, are you able to do a USB capture of this backup?

    - Chris

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    >>> If you could post the data in the missing contacts, that might help.

    This should be any cyrillic data in the field of name inside the backberry.
    I can't give you an advice how to upload to phone cyrillic contained address book (AB), because I'm failed to upload it with the btool (how to to it), on download. But the main idea is the following: to put a cyrillic-named contact to the blackberry AB.
    For example: to create tar-gzipped AB file containg UTF-8(MCBS) encoded contact record and to try upload it to the device.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-12-23

    The previous comment was from me.

  • Net Direct Inc.

    Net Direct Inc. - 2011-12-23

    How did you get the data into the device? I assume you just typed it in?

    I'm still interested in the answers to my other questions.

    - Chris

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-12-24

    Yes, I typed in.


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