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Barbecue 1.5 beta 1 is available

Posted by Sean Sullivan 2007-05-06

Barbecue 1.5 alpha 3 is available

Download today! ;-)

Posted by Sean Sullivan 2006-12-29

Barbecue 1.5 alpha 2 released

Barbecue 1.5 alpha 2 is available for download from SourceForge

Posted by Sean Sullivan 2006-10-29

Barbecue 1.5 alpha 1 released

Barbecue 1.5 alpha 1 is available for download. The API has changed. If you were using Barbecue 1.0.x, you'll need to recompile your application source code.

Posted by Sean Sullivan 2006-08-29

Project admin required!

Barbecue is currently suffering from a lack of development due to the lack of time of the current project admin. If anyone feels that they would make a good project admin then please get in touch.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-01-18

Barbecue 1.0.6d released

Includes Code 39 patch from Christian Gruber.

Posted by Anonymous 2005-05-28

Barbecue 1.0.6c Released

This is a bug fix release that corrects a serious defect in the Code 39 barcode support. All users should upgrade to this release.

Posted by Anonymous 2005-03-19

Barbecue 1.0.6b released

This is a maintenance release that fixes the war file problems documented in the forums. The specific fixes are:

- classes are now correctly located in WEB-INF/classes
- web.xml now correctly maps the servlet to /*

Posted by Anonymous 2004-07-12

Barbecue 1.0.6a released

This release corrects a bug in the Code 128 symbology where some (approx. 1 in 200) generated barcodes did not scan. Note that the file names are still shown as 1.0.6.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-03-17

Barbecue 1.0.6 Final released

Final version of Barbecue 1.0.6 available. All existing users of previous versions are strongly encouraged to upgrade. Barbecue is a Java barcode solution that provides Java GUI components for creating barcodes that can be printed and displayed on screen, and used in servlets.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-11-24