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Bamboo CMS / News: Recent posts

Bamboo development ceased

Sorry to announce this, but I've ceased development of Bamboo. I would have orphaned the project, but I don't believe we've really done anything with it (our recent switch to PHP essentially obliterated any planning we had done up to that point).

Why? Two reasons. First, I don't have enough time or energy to manage it (much less develop for it) at the moment, and time and energy are steadily dropping for me (I imagine this trend will continue until I graduate from college). Second, I believe - as open source advocates have pressed - that creative minds reinventing the wheel is a horrible waste, and I wish not to waste valuable resources by creating "Yet Another" CMS. Just before I decided to stop Bamboo, its only unique feature was an XML frontend-backend interface, which would not have done much except hit performance in the long run.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2006-01-22

Moving to PHP

We, the Bamboo CMS development team, have decided to cease development of Bamboo. Instead, we will discuss different approaches to the system, moving amongst languages and technologies accordingly.

Seriously, though, we've decided XML over HTTP will be the best protocol for data transfer. Since a web server will be required, PHP seemed best fit to do the server-side processing.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-01-16

New developer: jose_e_cuervo

Welcome welcome jose_e_cuervo!

jose_e_cuervo (who prefers we not announce his real name) is, like tspier2, a member of the SamuraiBlog community. However, jose (as he has come to be called) as been on board far longer - probably longer than I have (my memory's fuzzy).

jose is a student programmer who specializes in C/C++.


Posted by Anonymous 2005-10-06

New developer: tspier2

Another member to our cult! ;-)

Troy, who goes by tspier2 on the web, is a student programmer (like Sam and I) who joined the SamuraiBlog community a few months ago. Welcome Troy!


Posted by Anonymous 2005-10-06

Moving from Python

We, the gigantic, benevolent development committee, have decided to move away from Python. It was fun while it lasted. Not really.

The two current Bamboo developers, samuraisam and myself, are still very much students of our trade. We've decided that our original goal of providing a highly-integrated content management system would be more practically accomplished by augmenting the components of a mature, existing content management system, such as "Joomla!". Thus, the Bamboo CMS project has new primary aims: education and innovation (for better or for worse).... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2005-10-04

Moving to Python

Seeing as we haven't really started development, now would be the best time to change things. We're moving to Python, primarily because it is so much better than PHP in XML and its implementation of OOP.


Posted by Anonymous 2005-09-09


Welcome to Bamboo at SourceForge!

Bamboo is a CMS made to be flexible and extensible. More information on it is spread around this site. The Bamboo idea evolved from the Vanilla simple blog system that wasn't (Available in its most recent stage for download in the Bamboo project files area).

Please use the trackers for feature requests, bug/patch submissions, and general support issues. The forums should generally be used for project discussion and development purposes.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2005-09-07