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Background Changing Application: Version Released

Windows Program : This program randomly selects an image file from locations given by the user, and sets that image file as the background. This program attempts to figure out the best way to set the image file.

Version Changes(3/10/2008)
- ADDED an option to fill the center-tiling offset spaces by stretching the image a bit... but as I thought... without a good resizing filter, the images look like crap... Well... some images are ok looking, without any noticeable jaggedness, but most do... I'll leave this option here in case I get a better resizing filter later on.
- ADDED code to really scale small images. Somehow... that bit of code was missing?... probably I never really thought about it much and didn't write it so now I have written it. ^-^
- ADDED code clause to make the image be stretched if the image size ratio is equal or similar to the screen aspect ratio.
- CHANGED the checkbox sizes since it would not show all of it when the program was running, even though in the resource editor it would show all of it.
- CHANGED Screen Ratio Calculation. It now actually calculates the screen ratio given screen width and screen height. Before, I hadn't had the need to do it since I was using a 4:3 screen ratio... and then some files were at 5:4 screen ratio so I thought that was all... until I got my new laptop... 16:10... -_- Oh well... now it calculates the ratio and now it seems that the centering calculation got fixed by this. ^-^
- CHANGED the default location pick chance from 0 to 100. Now, it's set to 100% by default. ^-^
- CHANGED the GetRandomNumber a bit... just made it return 0 if the MaxLimit number was less than 0.
- FIXED Incorrect Tiling offset code. The original idea was that if Windows considered the image to be fit for tiling across the screen, then my app would see if it could tile it a bit better in a neat way, but there are some images that my app would tile, but Windows would not consider them to be fit for tiling, thus my app would not calculate the offset right, which ended up not including the offset when center-tiling some images. Now, that's fixed. All I did really, was to remove the dependency check for whether Windows wants to tile the image or not. So now it doesn't matter whether Windows wants to tile the image or not, my app will calculate whether it is fit for tiling by itself. lol~ ^-^
- FIXED Previous List code. It was giving me errors at times when the list was full, so I fixed it... hopefully it works alright now. ^-^

Posted by Joochul Park 2008-03-11

Version Released

Version Changes(9/21/2007)
- ADDED Disable Error Messages flag. Actually, it would be more like disable any and all messages altogether except for init errors... It came as a request through the feature request tracker in Sourceforge. *^~^* iya~~~ to think that somebody would ask for a feature for my little program~~~ I'm so happy~~ ^-^. Anyways, the person who requested it needed for the
program to fail "silently". Could have always used the MessageBox class (Show Debug Info = On) since that message box is modeless, oh well. Now, it doesn't run AfxMessageBox for errors that need to be shown but Show Debug Info is off. The only exception for this is the code that is run in InitDialog and the constructor of the main app. Since that code is not run more than once... I didn't make it hide the message boxes. Well, enjoy~ ^-^ and hope it works well. (It's not as if there are errors all the time, so there's a limit to how well I can test it...)
- FIXED count images code. It was trying to show the MessageBox's OK button when there was no message box in view. Must have happened when I was using search/replace to add the bLogDebugInfo into the program. Oh well, it's fixed now. ^-^
- UPDATED the lodePNG library. The author of it got into contact with me! I was so~ amazed. lol. I want my program to be better, and he wants his library to be better. ^-^ We are currently trying to figure out why it crashes with Optimizations enabled. In the mean time, he uploaded a newer version of the library so I went to get it. It does things faster than before. ^-^
- FIXED Manual Location bug. If there was an error (no valid images in location), even if the m_bPlaceStick flag was off, the thing would stick, so I moved the resetting code a scope upwards and now it works. ^-^

Posted by Joochul Park 2007-09-21

Version Released

Version Changes(6/1/2007)
- ADDED code to just log debug info into file instead of displaying it and letting the user save it. You can still do that, but you can also have it to just log it automatically. If you turn this option on, it'll save it in"Background.log" file in the same directory as the executable. If you leave it on for hours on end... the file may get too big... lol =P. I left it on for about a whole day and it came to be about 1.2MBs in size... hmmm... not bad. ^-^
- ADDED a dialog box to be able to select the SplashScreenImage/TrayIcon set to either one of the ones that it picks, or to do it randomly... as it has been doing till now. Don't know... just had the idea of adding it... -o-;;
- CHANGED code to recognize Vista when figuring out Windows version.
- CHANGED the size of the Message Box. Made it longer so that I could see more of the info displayed in 1 pass. I wanted to make it resizable... but when I looked in google about it... it was too complicated/too lazy to do so....
- CHANGED the Open Dialog code for Manually Change Image so that it'll select "All Files(*.*)" by default
- CHANGED some stuff in the PNG library code... mainly I added 58 typecasts. Geez... what a pain... I did it in the hopes of making it work in the Release version, but to no avail... still don't know what's wrong with it. B_B
- CHANGED Release options to disable Optimizations when compiling. That's what was giving me the errors on Release mode and not on Debug mode.
- CHANGED PNG code so that instead of displaying checkered boxes for transparency, it would display it as transparent? well, it seems the background color in Vista is black so..... don't know how to change it, but this comes out nicely with this. It appears in black so. ^-^

Posted by Joochul Park 2007-06-03

Sourceforge quirks? lol

I've decided to use the services that Sourceforge provides and will try to update here as much as possible along with the site... though the site would be most accurate. =P Oh well, let's see what else there is to do here. hehehehehe

Posted by Joochul Park 2007-05-24 Error and Fix

The release version crashed when attempting to parse PNG files. I finally figured out why but uploaded a ... workaround? before I figured it out so I'll just use the changes in the next version.

The problem was that if I compiled with Optimizations on, then it would crash when parsing PNG files. Don't know why that is. In the mean time, I've uploaded the Debug version since it works.

Posted by Joochul Park 2007-05-24

Back from the... dead? lol

I'm now out of the army and back to programming! ^o^
OK, moved the site, and made a new release. It's not... perfect or as well done as the one before it... bear with me since I'm still getting used to being back into all this. ^-^

Posted by Joochul Park 2007-05-24