Not able to view statistics from a browser

  • Kotresh B Manjunath

    Not able 2 view statistics from from a browser in 2003 server.
    I have done all the necessary settings which is required 2 execute .pl files from browser.
    - Application configuration is done.
    - Enabled Dynamic Content through Windows
    Service entensions in IIS

    Still It says file not found when I try accessing file from a browser.

    Did any body experienced this problem in windows 2003 server.

    Pls share the information with me

    Thanks in advance

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2004-05-19

      I'm experiencing the same problem. I was wondering I you know how to fixed the problem already?

      • jayih

        jayih - 2007-12-27

        I have the same problem and I got here by searching an answer.
        this is what I used and got a 404 error is in the cgi-bin in the root dir of my iis server

    • jayih

      jayih - 2007-12-28

      I can now view my stats in the browser. I moved all awstats files into a folder named awstats and put it on C: drive.
      then I made a new website from within iis console. I gave the site read write and execute permission. I put it on locol host and port other than 80. It seems to run in it's own inviroment there.


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