Satya - 2007-01-19


I have a web application where I allow users to upload their media files (audio / video). These media files can in turn be played by the respective owners. The web application creates a separate folder for each user and uploads all the media files for that user into his own folder.

Now I want to be able to track the usage of these media files per user (per folder). The media files during playback are not direct urls (like Instead I have a proxy file which gets the ID of the media file and then handles a file stream to the player. I wrote my own little flash player which takes the filestream and starts playing. I dont have a media streaming server. All I have is a proxy file which looks up the ID and handles the file stream to the player object and the player starts playing.

How do I track the download / bandwidth / hits, etc for each folder (each folder contains the media files per user) using AWStats in this scenario.

I would want to be able to do the following:
1. Overall bandwidth per folder
2. No of hits / plays for each media file in the folder
3. Number of times the media file was played completely
4. Number of times the media files was stopped in between

Is it possible to track this using AWStats? Any help would be appreciated.