Pepijn Schmitz - 2012-07-20

Hi everyone! Hopefully someone here can help me find out what the difference
is between Downloads and Pages, and how I can change that:

I have a number of downloads on my site, with various extensions (exe, zip,
dmg, rpm, deb, tar,gz and .sh). I notice that some of these are being included
in the Downloads section (zip, deb, rpm, tar.gz) and others are being counted
as page views and included in the Pages-URL section (exe, dmg, sh). That is
not what I want, I want them all the be counted as downloads. To have them
mixed up seemingly arbitrarily like this is confusing and not very useful.

My questions are:

  • How does awstats determine whether a request is a Download or a Page?
  • Where is this documented?
  • How can I change this so that awstats will count exe, dmg and sh files as Downloads as well?