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avrprog2 version 1.4 released

changes since 1.3.1

  • [new] add an option (--no-erase) to skip an implicit chip erase before programming flash memory
  • [new] builds on MacOS
  • [new] write usage() to stderr in error situations
  • [fix] (bug 3496411) removed "-mt" from boost libs (thanks to Jakob Gruber)
  • [fix] (bug 3497866) use SUBSYSTEM in udev rules file (thanks to Jakob Gruber)
  • [fix] fixed immediate specification of fuses on 64-bit systems (thanks to Matthias Burgholzer)
  • [fix] fixed specification of usb bus id on 64-bit systems
  • [fix] (bug 3531334) add unistd.h for gcc 4.7 (thanks to Jakob Gruber)
  • [fix] (bug 3599992)include config.h before bfd.h (thanks to Jakob Gruber)
  • [fix] add libintl, necassary to build on MacOS
  • [fix] minor code improvements (fix cppcheck warnings)
  • [fix] (bug 3607077) programming of empty flash pages
  • [build] generate silent makefiles
Posted by Andreas Hagmann 2013-04-21

avrprog2 version 1.2.0 released

new features:
- device autodetection support
- programming frequency autodetection
- support for low speed devices (>128kHz)
- supports ATmega16 devices

Posted by Andreas Hagmann 2011-09-26