#64 Makefile Error logging


Using Kepler 4.3 64bit. Each project results in a unspecified Make File Error - "make: *** [blahblah.elf] Error 1

Even after the project has been deleted, all the errors from past projects are carried forward. I started 6 projects, deleted them, then created a "hello world" project. It compiles and runs fine, but in the "Problems" view I show 7 errors, listing all other projects. If I add a file, that also results in a make: *** error. Meaning that on the 7th project I added some additional header and source files. Each one generates its' own error but compiles fine.

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  • Richard Lowe

    Richard Lowe - 2013-11-19
    • assigned_to: Thomas Holland
  • Kees Bakker

    Kees Bakker - 2013-11-19

    Can you try to delete these errors on the "Problems" tab? I have no clue what causes these messages, and I've seen them too. But I think I just deleted them.

  • Richard Lowe

    Richard Lowe - 2013-11-22

    You can delete, but.... I'm a professor of CS and teaching first time programmers AVR platforms with this plugin. Just trying to refine it into something that doesn't need explanation.

  • Kees Bakker

    Kees Bakker - 2013-11-23

    Hmm. Yes I agree, it doesn't look nice.

    To be honest, I see this too, but I don't know what causes it. The plugin is build on top of the CDT (C++ Development Tools).

    About the history of the AVR Eclipse plugin I know very little about it. Thomas Holland was doing most of the development until about a year ago, maybe two years ago. And I stepped in just "to scratch my own itch", as they say. I'm doing development for the Arduino platform and I hate the Arduino IDE, dispite its advantages. So I wanted it to work with the latest avrdude and avr-gcc. Oh, and I'm just interested in Linux, so you know.

    That said, any help with this plugin is appreciated.

    • Richard Lowe

      Richard Lowe - 2013-11-24

      I have done Java development in the past. I'll look into it this week and see if I am up for the challenge. Wouldn't mind joining the team to improve on the project.

  • Kees Bakker

    Kees Bakker - 2013-11-25

    That would be appreciated. The today's "team" is:

    • Kees Bakker (me)
    • Thomas Holland (once chief developer, but not active anymore)
    • Jawher Moussa (contributor)

    We could communicate via github. You could start cloning

    The most important branch is: R2.4_Maintenance and the next release should be R2.4.1


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