#54 makefile generation problem

Behavior (41)

The automatic makefile generation fails to add the strings for both (in file: makefile):

I have two VERY similar build configurations, one that does generate those two lines and one that does not.
For the failing configuration: when I disable automatic makefile generation and manually fill in these two values everything works as expected.
I can be contacted at bjoern@johannesson.us for any questions. Thanks for some great work!!


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    Anonymous - 2011-08-11
  • Volker

    Volker - 2011-10-23

    I can confirm this irritating behaviour. It affects listing and size output too (empty lines removed):


    Not producing any output is a K.O. bug. :-(

    Obviously it is triggered only sometimes. I was unable to pinpoint it better, but using eclipse links (either file or directory) makes the project unusable from all the errors. Renaming any directory in the eclipse project is problematic too, it messes up several things.

    It may be possible to recover from this problem, but it involves an awful lot of
    cleaning, file deleting, index regeneration and eclipse restarting.

    Symbolic links however are always fine (just goes to show to use the real thing instead the fancy GUI "imitation"... :-) )

  • Volker

    Volker - 2011-10-24

    I created a new project last night, not using any eclipse links or virtual folders, and ran into this problem again straight away. The only way to recover from this seems to be to create a new build configuration, copying default values, NOT any of the existing configurations. That also means losing all the settings. I get the impression that some internal values go screwy to which there is no user interface, so the only way to recover is to start again.


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