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Avis client library for C 1.1 release

The Avis client library 1.1 release includes some minor improvements to the API and documentation and adds binary packages for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows

Posted by Matthew Phillips 2008-11-21

Avis client library for C alpha release

An incomplete alpha release of a C client library for Elvin routers has been released for testing and feedback.

Posted by Matthew Phillips 2008-06-27

Avis 1.2 released: adds SSL security

Avis 1.2 has been released with improved security for client and federation connections. This release also includes a host of manageability improvements.

Posted by Matthew Phillips 2008-01-21

Avis 1.1 released: adds federation support

Avis release 1.1 is a major milestone for the project, supporting federation both with other Avis routers and Mantara's Elvin implementation.

Posted by Matthew Phillips 2007-08-28

Initial release of client library

An alpha release of the Avis Java client library for Elvin is now available. This release is to gain feedback on the API. There are still some features missing, including auto reconnect, keepalive and router notifications on connect/disconnect.

Posted by Matthew Phillips 2007-06-03

Avis 1.0 released

Avis has hit its first major stable release and now includes install packages for all major platforms. Work will now begin on a client library and utilities for the next 1.1 release.

Posted by Matthew Phillips 2007-03-24

Web site update

The Avis web site has been updated with a Roadmap page and an all-new Examples page.

Posted by Matthew Phillips 2007-01-04

Avis initial public release

A public alpha release of the Avis event router is now available.

Avis is a publish/subscribe message router that is compatible with the commercial Elvin event router from Mantara Software. It is intended for use by individuals and organisations wishing to use Elvin beyond its planned retirement as a publicly-available commercial product in late 2007.

This release includes support for all Elvin basic features except the quench API. Although currently advertised as "alpha", Avis is quite stable with no known bugs.... read more

Posted by Matthew Phillips 2006-11-07