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AVaRICE 2.12 released

AVaRICE version 2.12 has just been released.

Major milestone is the adoption of ICE firmware versions 7.x (JTAGICEmkII and AVR Dragon), which allows debugging of Xmega devices.
Many thanks to Detlev Kraft for providing the necessary information for this.

New devices added: ATxmega256A3, ATxmega16D4, ATtiny4313

Posted by Joerg Wunsch 2011-12-12

Change of VCS

AVaRICE has just been moved from CVS to Subversion (SVN), as previously discussed on the mailinglist. See the "Code" -> "SVN" tab for the SVN URL to access the project files through.

Posted by Joerg Wunsch 2011-11-21

AVaRICE 2.10 released

As AVaRICE could no longer be linked against libbfd from
GNU binutils 2.19 due to the lack of linking against libz,
I decided to roll AVaRICE 2.10 entirely for that reason
(even though AVarICE 2.9 has been just one month old).

Posted by Joerg Wunsch 2009-04-03

AVaRICE 2.7 released

New CPU support added:

. AT90PWM2B/AT90PWM3B (same as AT90PWM2/3 but different signature)
. ATmega325/3250/645/6450

New features added:

. Software breakpoints are now also supported when using JTAG.

Summary of important bug fixes:

. Complete overhaul of the USB communication, making it much more
robust, and less resource-consuming.... read more

Posted by Joerg Wunsch 2007-10-30