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binary executables

autotrace exe for windows is availabe.
autotrace and frontline rpms(For RH8.0) are contributed by Dag Wieers(dag AT wieers DOT com).

Posted by Anonymous 2002-12-03

File-release area is reorganized

File-release area is reorganized. In top level, there are only two category; AutoTrace and FrontLine. To see actual files list, click view-all-files link.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-12-03

frontline 0.5.4, a GUI front-end for autotrace

This is the initial release of frontline, a Gnome/Gtk+ based GUI front end for autotrace, on With frontline you can give trace options via GUI and preview trace results quickly. autotrace is a program for converting bitmaps to vector graphics.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-11-12

--without-pstoedit of autotrace's configure

--without-pstoedit option of configure of autotrace-0.31.0 is broken.
If you met a troublue to build autotrace with --without-pstoedit option, apply a patch in the page:

Posted by Anonymous 2002-10-29

AutoTrace 0.31

A new version of AutoTrace - a bitmap to vector converter - is ready.
What's new:
- improved interface between pstoedit and autotrace
- added library level pstoedit support
- built autotrace library as a shared library
- corrected output when background-color is used
- changing the license of sources files input and output
to GNU Lesser Public License(LGPL)
- checking libautotrace version number in autotrace.m4
- output in dr2d format(Andrew Elia)
- introduced config.h
- corrected thin-image
- made more portable
- corrected a bug in fitting
- now recognizes line width

Posted by Martin Weber 2002-10-24