Import .sql fil via phpMyAdmin

  • Morten Fjord

    Morten Fjord - 2011-08-02


    I just started using automysqlbackup, and what a pleasure! Thanks!
    However I have an issue: I can not import the .sql file into my mySQL serer via the phpMyAdmin interface. If I do this the following error comes up:

    • Table structure for table `wp_commentmeta`
    • DROP TABLE IF EXISTS  `wp_commentmeta` ;

    MySQL returnerede:

    #1046 - No database selected

    But if I manually create the db/schema and then create the first table, then everything works just fine.

    What can I do to make the backup work out of the box with phpMyAdmin?

    Best regards

  • Harley

    Harley - 2011-08-02


    You have to create the database and them import the backup file into that database..

    If the backup file created the database automatically it could over write an exiting database which may not be desirable.. For example if you want to make a copy of a database to get specific data and merge back with your live database..

    As another note, if you have larger databases if might not be a good idea to use phpmyadmin to import the backup file because of upload limits and timeouts.. The command line is a better option and example commands are in the script..


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