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Auto Kindle eBook Converter / News: Recent posts

New Version Updates

New Version adds a configuration manager to streamline processing in regards to output file and PDF image processing settings.

Posted by Paul Scarrone 2009-03-05

Featured on

Yesterday, March 3rd, This project was featured on This really gives me some major validation that I am moving in the right direction with this project. That said, I hope this bit of lime light will provide a lot of feedback about the app in the hopes that I will have some ideas how to improve it.

Here is the post:

Posted by Paul Scarrone 2009-03-04

PDF Image Support

Finally added by popular request PDF document handling has be improved and will now support processing PDF documents that include embedded images.

Posted by Paul Scarrone 2009-03-01

Platform Change

Making a platform change from autoit to C# .Net This way I can incorporate some more advanced error handling to the application and make it quasi cross-platform with .NET at least to those that install Mono VES. This will take a bit of time but the results should be more flexible.

Posted by Paul Scarrone 2009-01-25

Big Bugs Squish

I found some big bugs after the last revision that affected the stability of the drag and drop system. I have fixed these so that output filenames should show up normally now.

New to the 0.4.21 Release is integration of metadata handling. The converter will force the title of PDB files which often fail to have a valid title to be the same as the filename less the extension.

Also the converter will prompt the user to adjust filenames of any mobi file in place. That is if the file was already created and is on your kindle you can drag and drop and change the title metadata without having to move any files.... read more

Posted by Paul Scarrone 2009-01-22

CHM Support

With the help of the Grindinsoft free CHMDecoder. I have added chm support for many of the variants that can occur with a chm file. This is in no way a promise that it will work with all chm files but I will admit it works rather well. CHMDecoder recreates the original directories and files that made up the CHM. I join these HTML files together, remove images, and do some modification to this new file to make sure mobigen likes it. Enjoy

Posted by Paul Scarrone 2009-01-09

PDB support

Thanks to the abcpalm.exe free converter from I have included PDB to Mobi support for the converter.

Next release should include multi file conversion.


Posted by Paul Scarrone 2008-12-27

New Bugs

Finally worked out cause of major Vista bugs with application. Currently working on a solution that will work with Vistas security policies.

Posted by Paul Scarrone 2008-12-26

Inital Alpha Release

The current versions of the converter are considered alpha.
Please use the most current version.

I consider this project in the alpha phase due to some inabilities of the lit converter being used. It has some random issues with filenames and doesn't seem to operate in a win 64 enviroment.

Some of the future of this application will be a command line version and a heavy gui version for batch processing.... read more

Posted by Paul Scarrone 2008-12-19