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Version 0.2 added to file page

New version released.

Most significant change is the plugin support. This allows checks to be written in any language, it also allows very customized messages and other messaging protocols than those supported in the core package, such as (for example, of course, i still haven't written the plugin :)) posting alarms to a bugzilla database or writing them to a webpage

Posted by Henrik Bilar 2002-10-22

Mailinglist added

There is now a mailing list for the autocheck project,
Go to to subscribe

Posted by Henrik Bilar 2002-10-22

Version 0.01-2002-10-14 released

Fixed some bugs in the ac4-engine and the sms modules

Posted by Henrik Bilar 2002-10-14

First public release

Ok folks, the first public release of Autocheck is out! It's got really nice features, so check it out :)

Posted by Henrik Bilar 2002-09-25