Ignacio - 2013-03-05

parseB.py seems to be involved in both errors. Here's the first error message:

File "bruss_2system_eigs.auto", line 139, in <module>
a = bd(label)['PAR(1)']
File "/home/irozada/Downloads/auto/07p/python/parseS.py", line 774, in __getitem__
if isinstance(key,str) and hasattr(self,"b") and key in self.b:
File "/home/irozada/Downloads/auto/07p/python/parseB.py", line 198, in __contains__
for k,v in self.labels.items():
File "/home/irozada/Downloads/auto/07p/python/parseB.py", line 190, in __getattr__
Points.Point.__init__(self, p)
File "/home/irozada/Downloads/auto/07p/python/Points.py", line 516, in __init__
assert isUniqueSeq(self.coordnames), 'Coordinate names must be unique'
AssertionError: Coordinate names must be unique

Here's the second one:

File "/home/irozada/Downloads/auto/07p/python/parseB.py", line 187, in __getattr__
p = self.p
RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded