#2 kernel 2.4 problems


hi, i gotta say i apperciate what you guys are trying to do, its a pisser when these companies dont
take the bother to be up scratch with linux drivers.My request is more of a problem i have when
running the script, i dont know if anyone else has it, but i got a new release of linux with the kernel
2.4 included, and it doesnt work. gcc doesnt give me any real erasons why not and all the
warnings it points to are in the header files. am i missing a library or somethign? (i have the kernel
headers installed)

i am using glibc2.2.2 and gcc_2.96 maybe they aer incompatible with your object file?

anyways cheers
Sam Halliday, Belfast, N. Ireland


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I am having the same problem with Redhat 7.1. I like my
    sound card so I would prefer not to replace it just so it
    will work in Linux

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I am using the 2.4.5 kernel (Slackware-current) and have no
    problems. I have migrated up through every version of the
    2.4 kernel and they all compile fine. If you want to know
    exactly what other packages I have installed and there
    versions toss me an e-mail, I am not at my home machine
    right now.

  • Torben Wölm

    Torben Wölm - 2001-08-07

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    Have you tried to use the compiler included for kernel-

    I think it's called kgcc or something...

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Try to rebuil your own kernel with audio support enable:
    some distribution compile the kernel without sound card
    support if they dont't find a compatible sound card with
    built-in driver


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