aRts error message

  • Johannes Mengel

    Johannes Mengel - 2003-10-05

    This error message occassionally pops up, under different circumstances (Mostly when starting new programs that use sound). Any ideas on what may be the cause ?

    Sound server fatal error:
    AudioSubSystem::handleIO: write failed
    len = -1, can_write = 4096, errno = 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable)
    This might be a sound hardware/driver specific problem (see aRts FAQ)

    • Thomas M Hughes

      Thomas M Hughes - 2003-10-07

      Change the sound system from "Auto Detect" to "Threaded Open Sound System" and restart KDE.  See if that works.

    • Johannes Mengel

      Johannes Mengel - 2003-11-10

      I think it worked :)


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