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AuditISX V4 in development!

AuditISX V4 will be available by June 1 2008! We are currently developing major updates to the software with a bunch of add-ons. Stay posted for more information.

Posted by Richard Krol 2008-02-10

AuditISX Version 2.xx dead

Version 2.xx of auditISX has been dead for some time now. We will not be posting update for this version, or help with support. Sorry for the inconvienece.

Posted by Richard Krol 2008-02-10

Visual Basic 2005 Express Compatable!

AuditISX 2.52 and future versions will be made compatable with Visual Basic 2005 Express edition! This gives students and people who want to learn WMI, auditing, and event Visual Basic a change to practive with our source code. You can download the VB Express Edition from microsoft website for free.

DataViewerISX IS NOT compatable, due to integration with Crystal Reports for Visual Studio.

Posted by Richard Krol 2006-07-14

DataViewerISX released!

View your audits from your Microsoft Access database, as well as print, export, and delete your records. Currently this version (beta) only support the Microsoft Access database version. Versions for MS SQL and Oracle will be supported in the furture.

Posted by Richard Krol 2006-07-10

Data Viewer beta release

A beta viewer for viewing the data for a SQL and Access database will be comming soon, hopefully before June 1st. 2006. Most viewing will be in the forms of reports, which can be viewed, printed, and exported into MS Excell, Word, RTF, XML, and PDF. Plans are looming for a forms based viewer, using datagrids.

It is possible, that we will migrate to a Java version of the data viewer, to better accomidate the open source community. We feel there may be better web reporting than the MS versions, however, this is just an idea for now.

Posted by Richard Krol 2006-05-18

Need Ideas...

People! We need ideas on how to make AuditISX better! Please submit any ideas on our webfourm or feature requests. We have some ideas so far and looking good.

Posted by Richard Krol 2006-05-15

Release 2.52 and CVS...

We released 2.52 (mostly cosmetic) to reflect the AuditISX project development team. Also, the CVS should be available in about a week, so check in again shortly!

Posted by Richard Krol 2006-05-05

Source Released! Help Wanted Soon...

Well, finally it's here. We released the source code for the project AuditISX! Enjoy! I will be making help wanted adds for developers within the next few days, so stay posted if you would like to be involved! The forum is open, as well! I did have a forum posted at kazorum, but will be closing it out soon, and transfering people's attention to sourceforge instead for news, and forum help. If you would like to email me, go ahead at for any questions you may have until then. Thanks!

Posted by Richard Krol 2006-05-02

Souce to publish in a week

The real homepage for AuditISX is at We plan on putting the souce code for the program here in about a week. I know we had created this account awhile ago, but really have not had time to get all the code together properly, with comments in code. Should arrive soon, and keep watching this week!

Posted by Richard Krol 2006-05-01

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