#14 patch fixing sed usage


In the configure script, it uses the -i GNU specific option. This patch fixes sed so it is more portable and works with non-GNU sed's which don't support -i option. It also works with GNU sed.


  • Richard Ash

    Richard Ash - 2008-03-16

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    Unfortunately it's also insecure, because the temporary file name is predictable. It also assumes that the user running configure can write to /tmp/ (and yes, I've used multi-user systems where that wasn't true. Ironically, it was a SunFire system running Solaris).

    Anyway, this is a very crude way to do the job (of getting necessary linker flags for portaudio). The correct solution seems to be a portaudio-uninstalled.pc file, and then invoking pkg-config with PKG_CONFIG_PATH pointed to the portaudio-v19 build directory.

    This means a patch to portaudio, but the chances of getting this into upstream SVN are very good (provided it's clean against their current SVN configure).

  • Brian Cameron

    Brian Cameron - 2008-03-16

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    I agree that using sed -i is a crude way of getting linker flags into portaudio. It would be better to support a configure option.

    Do you need help from me to fix portaudio in this way, or will you take care of updating portaudio to work in this better way.

    Also, it seems it would be nice if you could just make audacity use the installed portaudio on the system (if available) rather than needing to use the one in the audacity source code. Why isn't it possible to simply configure audacity to use the system portaudio if available?


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