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Auction Mage 1.90 and SSL

To all of you that are using the 1.x Version (Windows):

Recently eBay (at last) changed their security requirements, it is now required! to use SSL for bidding. So don't switch of the SSL mode, Auction Mage won't be able to bid otherwise.

Posted by David Kiliani 2004-03-07

Releases 1.90 and 2.0a3

Release 1.90 is the Delphi version of Auction Mage with some minor changes. No need to update, it is just to keep the 1.x version available.
Release 2.0a3 is the current JAVA version, it should work out of the box and includes nearly all essential functions. Time sync does not work yet, please use an externel NTP client like

Posted by David Kiliani 2004-02-11

Release 1.88 - SSL + Item lists + Bugfix

I added two new features in this release:
1. Auction Mage can use SSL connections now, so it's actually more secure than bidding with the browser. You don't send your password in plain text now.
2. There are several item lists now (active, my ebay and trashbin), you can move items from one list to the other by drag&drop or context menu.

And I removed a really embarassing bug: The program didn't work properly after installation until you added your first item.

Posted by David Kiliani 2003-09-26

Release 1.87 - New Design

Created a new logo and icon, which is also used in the HTML interface now.

Posted by David Kiliani 2003-09-16

Release 1.86 - Critical bug fixed

I fixed a bug (bidding was corrupt since V1.85) and added some features. There is also a new Nullsoft Installation script.

Posted by David Kiliani 2003-09-04

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