#64 shaded aterms do not refresh properly


I built an 'LCD picture frame' out of an old laptop. I
cycle through a list of images using xloadimage to
change the root window. I run X without a window
manager, so I can position undecorated single-line
transparent aterms across the top and bottom of the
screen to display the date of the picture and captions.

When I change the root window image, I call 'xrefresh
-root' to let aterm know it should update it's
background. When I use shading; '-sh nn'; aterm doesn't
update it's backround, and the previous image remains.
When using straight transparency or tinting, aterm
updates properly.


  • Jay Guerette

    Jay Guerette - 2004-07-24
    • summary: shaded aterms to not refresh properly --> shaded aterms do not refresh properly
  • Jay Guerette

    Jay Guerette - 2004-07-26

    Logged In: YES

    It seems that using Esetroot; part of Eterm; instead of
    xloadimage to set the root background fixes this problem.
    The reason Esetroot is included with Eterm is to
    specifically work around this problem. This suggests that
    the X spec has a weakness in it's update notification


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