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AsUnit 3.x Supports Asynchronous Test Methods and Flex!

That's right, there is a new build (only available in Subversion) that finally supports asynchronous test methods, and the Flex framework.

From any TestCase, you can now call addChild(child) with a Visual Entity that extends UIComponent, or one that does not. The child will be added to an appropriate parent depending on whether or not it's a UIComponent.

We also support asynchronous test methods! The base TestCase has a new method called addAsync. Just hand it your event handler, and send the function it returns to your event subscription, and AsUnit will do the rest!... read more

Posted by Luke Bayes 2006-09-21

Version 2.6 Release Candidate posted, with MTASC Support!

The version 2.6 release candidate has finally been posted!

Many thanks to those of you in the community that helped to make this release possible. These include Ralf Bokelberg, Erixtekila, Keith Peters and Daniel Wabyick.

This release includes the following:
Version 2.6 May 24, 2005
- Implemented full MTASC support thanks to:
Ralf Bokelberg, Erixtekila, and Daniel Wabyick
- Added com.asunit.util.TextFile object for simpler
loading of external files during unit testing.
- Added Eclipse directory names to the ignore list for the
Build Test Suites command so that it will no longer include
those directories in the TestSuite.
- Fixed assertEquals method in TestCase according to Keith Peters' comments
- Fixed problem with setCurrentMethod according to Caleb's post so that
assertion failures will be accurate even when using
asynchronous test cases. ... read more

Posted by Luke Bayes 2005-05-24

Version 2.5 Released with FLEX Support!

AsUnit version 2.5 was released today with support for Macromedia Flex version 1.5. While there is not yet a simple installation routine for Flex, the application framework does in fact compile and present useful debug output. Another helpful feature for Flex developers is the much-needed Sys.println functionality that will output text messages directly in the AsUnit User Interface.

Here are the release notes:
Version 2.5 January 8, 2005
- Implemented AsUnit for Flex. After manual user installation, the .as
files will now compile and communicate correctly.
- Added underscore prefix so that Sys.println and Unit Tests are now
cross-domain compatible.
- Updated TestCase.attachMovie to support optional arguments.
- Added the TestCaseXml object and integrated into the TestCase.
- Fixed asynch test bug where failures were reporting invalid classname
as source class.
- Fixed LocalConnections in UI so that they close onUnload
- Added optional Sys.println output to AsUnit UI which also supports
cross-session memory of user selection.
- Removed extraneous output from Failed Assertions.
- Fixed "Add to Library" so that it will also make the new Class extend

Posted by Luke Bayes 2005-01-09

Version 2.0 Released!

We have released version 2.0 of the AsUnit Test Framework!

This release owes huge thanks to the work of Tibor Claassen as he thought of and implemented many of the features described below.

This release includes:

- Fixed Auto-Open for Mac Users
- Optionally Auto-Update TestSuites whenever a new Class is Created.
- Added Link to failed tests, so that you can click directly from the Unit Test Output Panel and open the file.
- Added new "Local" Output Panel, so that Sys.println traces can be viewed directly in the .SWF file without the IDE open.
- Simplified Test Templates, so that users can manipulate what gets created when they call "Create Class"

Posted by Luke Bayes 2004-10-24

Finally - Full Mac Support! Version 1.09 released!

- Added new custom property named FLfile.separator which will be either "\\" or ":" depending the user's platform.
- Added new jsfl file to manage the separator assignment.
- Updated Create Class to work on macintosh
- Updated Build Test Suites script to work on macintosh
- Tried to debug the Local Output Panel but had no success. It won't display correctly from anywhere other than the asunit build directory. Perhaps still missing a file?

Posted by Luke Bayes 2004-08-31

Released version 1.08!

- Added "Build Test Suites" command. This command will search through the current working directory of the active .FLA file and for each directory found, will create an file. The files should automatically include each other and any * files found there is no longer a requirement that users manage inclusion of test cases in order to build test suites. This command should automate the process.
- Added runtime version checking. The AsUnit UI file will now check an xml document that is stored remotely to find out if you have the latest version of the framework. If a user does not have the latest version, they will receive a nag in the output panel.
- Added "Local Output Panel" to the framework so that users will soon be able to instantiate a text output panel directly within their currently running swf and thus be able to receive test output outside of the Flash IDE. This functionality is being branched directly from the Sys.println command and is not yet fully integrated.
- Fixed error in the Assert Class: Would alway throw error if user compiled to Flash 6 player.
- Fixed error in the Assert Class: Would throw JSFL error because of invalid chars in the output. ... read more

Posted by Luke Bayes 2004-08-29

Updated the Example Files

I just posted an update to the Example files.

The example files no longer use a duplicate package structure, but instead put the TestCases in the same package as the classes under test.
We now also use Test as a suffix rather than a prefix for TestCases and this change is reflected in the example app.

Posted by Luke Bayes 2004-08-26

Updated project to release version 01.07

Implemented a number of bug fixes and feature enhancements to the "Create Class" Command.

Following are the Release Notes:
- Updated Create Class Command so that it no longer creates a parrallel "test" package, but creates the new Test Class in the same package as the original class.
- Updated Create Class Command so that it suffixes the word "Test" to the class name rather than prefixing it.
- Updated the newly created class template so that it uses "linkageId", "classRef" and "serializable".
- Updated the newly created test class so that it uses "linkageId" rather than "className".
- Updated the Create Class XUL file so that it asks whether the new class is a MovieClip without a related Symbol. (Will prepend "__Packages" to the "linkageId").
- Updated Output Window output for successful class text so that double backslashed were turned into single forward slashes.
- Added "extends MovieClip " to the class declaration if "__Packages." prefix is selected.

Posted by Luke Bayes 2004-08-24

Released Full Version

On August 11, 2004 we have finally released a full version 1.05 product.

This release includes some minor bug fixes to the Sys.println functionality and enabling the Create Class command for windows users.

We expect to release another minor revision with more robust mac support shortly.

Posted by Luke Bayes 2004-08-11

Flash ActionScript 2.0 Unit Test Framework Beta Released

Ali Mills and Luke Bayes are excited to announce a new Open Source ActionScript 2.0 Unit Test Framework named "AsUnit". This library is being released on as beta software (under the LGPL license), and has been successfully used (in various forms) within a range of projects over the past 5 months. We have been involved in test-driven development for a short time now and are very eager to share the results of our efforts with others. Our goals with this release include wide-spread adoption, collaboration and knowledge sharing.... read more

Posted by Luke Bayes 2004-05-08

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