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trixbox 2.8.0 released

trixbox 2.8.0 released. This release has Asterisk 1.6 and DAHDI included as well as many other small enhancements. .See for details.

Posted by agillis 2009-06-22

trixbox released

trixbox released today with many small enhancements and fixes. These include updates to the package manager zaptel fixes and better support for Xorcom cards.

See for details.

Posted by agillis 2009-02-13

CE 2.6.2 Released

Refer to the changelog and devblog at for details.

Posted by Kerry Garrison 2008-12-29

CE 2.6.2 - RC1 Released

New kernel for better hardware support
Updated Endpoint Manager
Lots of bug fixes

Posted by Kerry Garrison 2008-12-22

CE Moved to Stable

The current stable ISO version is

Posted by Kerry Garrison 2008-10-10

CE released today

- lots of changes to Zaptel module
- Bug fixes
- Redfone Patches
- OpenVox patches

Posted by Kerry Garrison 2008-03-29

CE released today is a maintenance release of 2.6. This contains bug fixes and Asterisk/Zaptel updates.

Posted by Kerry Garrison 2008-03-14

trixbox CE Released Today

We are happy to announce the release of trixbox CE 2.6! This will be the foundation for all releases though 2008.

Posted by Kerry Garrison 2008-02-29

trixbox CE 2.5.17 released

Beta 3 of CE 2.6 was released today. This is looking VERY solid!

Posted by Kerry Garrison 2008-02-23

trixbox CE 2.4 Released

CE 2.4 is the latest and greatest version of trixbox to date. With CentOS 5.1 as the OS and Asterisk 1.4 as the engine, trixbox CE 2.4 is the best release of trixbox ever!

Posted by Kerry Garrison 2008-01-02

2.2.12 Released

2.2.12 is the latest version of the 2.2.x branch. This branch is in maintenance mode now and only asterisk/zaptel patches will be included from now on.

Posted by Kerry Garrison 2008-01-02

2.2.10 Releases

trixbox CE 2.2.10 was released. This features some bug fixes, and updates to Zaptel and Asterisk.

Posted by Kerry Garrison 2007-12-13

trixbox CE 2.2.8 released

Today we have released CE 2.2.8. This version was really focused on getting solid FAX support working. Users are saying it is the best release ever!

Posted by Kerry Garrison 2007-11-15

CE 2.2.6 Released

trixbox CE 2.2.6 has been released tonight. This fixes some issues with Asterisk/Zaptel, NVFAX, and sataraid.

Posted by Kerry Garrison 2007-11-13 released

Beta 4 of trixbox CE 2.4 ( was released today.

Posted by Kerry Garrison 2007-10-19

trixbox 2.2.1 released

trixbox 2.2.1 ISO released
Contains the latest CentOS updates, updates to the trixbox dashboard, Asterisk/Zaptel updates, and FreePBX 2.2.2.

Posted by Kerry Garrison 2007-06-22

trixbox 2.2 released

The trixbox team has released the final version of trixbox 2.2 today. This is a much improved version of trixbox 2.0 featuring the following:

• Easier upgrades to future versions
• Enhanced call data reports
• New network interface manager
• Enhanced Dashboard
• New System Status administrator screen
• The latest versions of Asterisk/Zaptel
• Support for all Digium/Rhino/Sangoma hardware
• Enhanced Endpoint Manager (now supports Polycom, Linksys, Aastra, Snom, Grandstream, and Cisco)... read more

Posted by Kerry Garrison 2007-05-07

trixbox 2.2 beta 5

trixbox 2.2 beta 5 has been released. Lots of new features, new admin status screen, support for Polycom and Linksys phones, network configuration module.

Posted by Kerry Garrison 2007-04-12

more press at

To cut down on cross posting we well be posting all new press to our main web site at

Posted by agillis 2006-10-16

trixbox 1.2.2 released

Trixbox users have been reporting stability problem with 1.2. We are trying to address these with the 1.2.2 release. There are some strange audio problems with the 42 kernel. This is most apparent with vmware. When the 42 kernel is used the audio prompts are jittery and broken. This was not a problem with the 34 kernel.

I am making the 34 kernel the standard for trixbox until further notice. If somebody has a good reason to move to a higher release kernel please post to the forum. But for now this should resolve all the problems with Zaptel. This update has a new yum configuration file that will keep yum from updating the kernel. If you want to update the kernel you can do it manually... read more

Posted by agillis 2006-10-16

trixbox 1.1 released

trixbox 1.1 released today. The only new feature is Munin a system monitoring package. There are tones of small fixes. Zaptel and conferencing should be working. The latest SugarCRM is included. I will try to get a 1.1 upgrade script ready for next week but 1.0.3 that installs from the upgraded script now should have all the conferencing and zaptel fixes.

All of the non opensource packages have been removed from the ISO so if you use HUDlite you will need to type install-hudlite from command line.

Posted by agillis 2006-06-23

Trixbox 1.0 released

Development on Asterisk@Home has ended. We have created a new product called trixbox. Like Asterisk@Home trixbox is a complete Asterisk PBX including, a Linux OS, Asterisk PBX software, a web GUI, and many other useful add-ons. trixbox will focus on both the business and home user and will have more features including automatic upgrade capability. As with Asterisk@Home trixbox can be quickly and easily installed in under one hour.

Posted by agillis 2006-06-01

Asterisk@Home 2.8 released

There are a lot of updates in 2.8. We are now using a stock install of SugarCRM with the Asterisk plug-in. This should make upgrades painless. SpanDSP and NV Fax detect are working with thanks to a small patch. Future versions of should have full support. As always we have the latest version of Asterisk and the latest versions of lots of other software packages including CentOS and phpMyAdmin. The old Maintenance page has been replaces with plug-ins. Security has been tightened and you can pick your own root password during install. As always you can get a working Voice over IP PBX with all the latest add-ons in less than an Hour!

Posted by agillis 2006-04-14

Asterisk@Home 2.7 VM released

The VMware version allows testing of Asterisk@Home without the use of a dedicated system. Asteriskathome_27.exe is a compressed archive with a fully installed and running Asterisk@Home system. Install the free VMware player from and launch the VM.

Posted by agillis 2006-03-15

Asterisk@Home 2.7 released

Asterisk 1.2.5 and bug fixes.

Posted by agillis 2006-03-09