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astahttpd v0.1 RC1 released

- Win32 Support

- Some part now moved as module, such as:

- mod_static

- mod_log

- mod_dir_browser

- New modules:

- mod_autofix_uri

- mod_cache ( HTTP 304 Not Modified )

- astahttpd does not need pcntl extension anymore

- Dropped support for IP Based Virtual Host

- many improvements

- Fixed bug #1929009 (Internal gzip compression not work)

- Fixed bug #1929215 (Could not handle same header name in HTTP Header)

Posted by Rio Astamal 2008-04-01

astahttpd v0.1 beta3 released (modular archictecture)

Hi all,

astahttpd v0.1 beta3 is out and ready for download. This version has big improvements one of it is the new modular architecture. Now astahttpd feature can be extends easily by using module.

Here is the complete list of changes:

- Digest Authentication
- Modular Architecture
- Currenly available modules: mod_auth_basic, mod_auth_digest, mod_bandwidth,
mod_cgi_header, mod_cgi, mod_encoding, mod_rewrite, mod_status, mod_vhost
- Fixed bug #1887560 (CGI header did not handled properly)
- Fixed bug #1885235 (Error not properly handled on external gzip)
- Fixed bug #1885216 (Missing compression level on external gzip)

Posted by Rio Astamal 2008-02-07

astahttpd v0.1 beta2 released

astahttpd v0.1 beta2 is out!.

What's new
* Added URL Rewrite
* Added Basic Authentication
* Added deflate content encoding
* Added astahttpd API/Manual documentation
* New Style comment (follow PHPDocumentor rules)
* Fixed bug #1882558, Always return Error 500 when listing a directory
* Access and Rewrite log written to file
* License changed from GPLv2 to GPLv3

download astahttpd v0.1-beta2 now...... read more

Posted by Rio Astamal 2008-02-01

astahttpd v0.1 beta1 released

astahttpd v0.1 beta1 Released.

What's new?
* Added content encoding support (gzip)
* Added virtual host support (Both IP and name based)

Fixed Bugs:
* bug #1 (Not actually handle "\r\n\r\n" on incoming data, see bug Tracker)

astahttpd the web server for PHP developers.

Posted by Rio Astamal 2008-01-26

astahttpd v0.1 alpha released

astahttpd is a web server written using 100% pure PHP. Currently astahttpd only support GET, HEAD, AND POST method. astahttpd also support alias directory and has builtin CGI processing capability.

The main goal of astahttpd is to be simple, easy to configure and install especially for PHP programmer.

astahttpd v0.1 alpha has been released. This is the first public release of astahttpd. For more information please go to .

Posted by Rio Astamal 2008-01-23

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