#15 Simply manage the subscription bill ?


In my association, every person should pay 10 € to be part of it. How can I be sure the application will update the status of the subscriber when his subscription is out of date?
I don't think the status is updated when I said it paid the subscription bill, so I'm worry about it. The documentation does not seem clear about it.


  • obiwankennedy

    obiwankennedy - 2011-08-25
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  • Arnaud DUPUIS

    Arnaud DUPUIS - 2011-09-08

    I don't quite understand your question : do you want to know if the application automatically manage or reset the subscription status when it's out of date ?
    The "dues status" field is a manually managed field. People are using ASM/Kurabu (the new name) in different ways : some use one "database" for as long as they can and some create one per year. I have no mean to know a good rule to automatically manage that (and an automatic rule would probably get in the way of everybody).

    Could you please detail your demand ?


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