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KudzuASP replaces ASP-Tango

The ASP-Tango project has been replaced by kudzuASP. You can find the new (and still free) KudzuASP template engine at

Posted by Andrew 2008-09-04

Major Update

ASPTango-0.9.8b contains major updates, bugfixes and performance improvements. All new examples.

Posted by Andrew 2006-05-04

Bugfix / Performance Release

The 0.8.1b release completes the performance upgrade as well as fixes some of the bugs introduces in the previouse release. All developers should move to this codebase immediately.

Posted by Andrew 2005-03-24

Major Performance Upgrade

Reimplemented all stock handlers and dynamic content evaluation architecture and methods. Engine now defaults to faster methods but is absolutelty backward compatible in every way.

Posted by Andrew 2005-03-12

Bugfix / Update

This release fixes problems in the IfTrue / IfFalse tag directives. Error handling has been consolidated and standardized.

Posted by Andrew 2005-03-01

Maintenance / Bugfix Release

New Release. The latest release of ASP-Tango fixes several bugs and extends the power of the ServerExecute directive. Per request the examples have been expanded to include the use of the ServerExecute directive.

Posted by Andrew 2005-02-25

ASP-Tango First Release

ASP-Tango is a powerful and easy to use template engine for Active Server Pages. It is designed to simplify the separation of ASP Scripting and HTML presentation. Templates are HTML documents viewable and editable in any browser. The framework supports repeating, ignored and conditional content. Also supports content and tag replacement, and even Server.Execute functionality.

ASP-Tango automatically fills HTML templates with data from the ASP page that hosts them - directly from the underlying script - no more setting values or managing content blocks yourself. Inspired by the Apache Tapestry project.

Posted by Andrew 2005-02-22

ASP Tango Project Created

The ASP Tango project is now online and preparing for the first source and documetnation release.

Posted by Andrew 2005-02-12