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QooxDootNET-0.1-r1 Released

The first beta version of qooxdootnet has released.
QooxDootNET is a framework for creating rapid Internet applications (WEB 2.0) using Visual Studio or SharpDevelop to build your application like a traditional desktop application and deploy on the web, write only server code, dont bother about presentation the framework will handle it for you, give it a try.

Posted by Jerónimo Milea 2007-07-18

First beta released

Check out the new test project, all you may need is included in the demo, enjoy :)

The project has going through alot of bug corrections and optimizations we are releasing the first beta now, from now on we wont be adding new functionallity until first release (around August 15), just bug fixings.

Posted by Jerónimo Milea 2007-07-18

New alpha version released

Some major bugs corrected, added exception handling to capture ucaught exceptions so the server doesn't crash every time.
Added session check to let the user know if the session has ended with a message to reload the page.
Critics, wishes, bugs, etc. post in hte forums or send me a mail.

Posted by Jerónimo Milea 2007-03-21

New test application released

I posted a new application ready to test with binaries and the Visual Studio solution to start testing the framework.

Posted by Jerónimo Milea 2007-03-16

First test of code

The first test of code is in svn, the code is working, not all but is working for test.

Posted by Jerónimo Milea 2007-02-22