#9 Corona update


for corona streams, asfrecorder bombs out with

unknown content-type: application/vnd.ms.wms-hdr.asfv1

Patches 687466 and 956813 only fixed the error message;
the resulting file produced by asfrecorder turned out
to be unusable in the majority of cases. That's
because asfrecorder did by default only enable one
substream even if there were several. This patch fixes
the problem and additionally improves output.


  • Peter Backes

    Peter Backes - 2005-12-11
    • priority: 5 --> 8
  • Peter Backes

    Peter Backes - 2005-12-28


  • Peter Backes

    Peter Backes - 2005-12-28

    Logged In: YES

    Updated the patch. It now also includes some tweaks to set
    the file mtime according to the servers information about it.

  • Animedude5555

    Animedude5555 - 2013-11-28

    I've got the Windows version. Last updated in 2001! This is old software (sadly), and I can only hope the project creator will see your patch, incorporate it into the official release, compile it for all versions INCLUDING Windows and release the EXE file for it. Sadly he has not done any of the above. I can't incorporate the patches into the program, as I have no usable C or C++ compiler knowledge, and unfortunately the DIFF file is NOT to patch the EXE file, but rather only the source code.
    However if someone on here can take it upon themself to do me a favor (even if not the official software's developer) by incorporating the patch into their own copy of the source code, compiling it and then posting a copy of the resulting EXE file here for me to download, I will be VERY VERY VERY GRATEFUL to you.

    Last edit: Animedude5555 2013-11-28

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