#2 Anyone, take it! - Reply 200


I don't know anything about programming. But one thing
I really wish, is that anyone, anywhere, speaking
english, would be kind enough to take this program
under its wing and fine-tune it, would be great.

I know that ASF is a format that is going old and not
very much used anymore, but still, some web sites use
it, and this is the only program that can/could do the job
it does... Floppies are old, but PCs still got the drive to
read them, don't they?

Solve at least some bugs before going into
any "esthetics" stuf... I'm thinking about the "Reply 200"
message... Any solution to this?



  • Rogue_Spider

    Rogue_Spider - 2002-12-22

    Logged In: YES

    Love to Take it
    Reply 200 is a trough back in the program its a general
    errno product that means that there was a problem
    but It wasnt prototyped as to what it was.
    Generly speaking this question soulda been in bugs.
    I think With the new protocals More preticulary Live
    streams that this problem occurs. Its only happened
    to me once, it was a live stream?

  • Richard

    Richard - 2003-02-02

    Logged In: YES

    200 is just the HTTP numeric status code for "OK", meaning the HTTP request was fulfilled.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    As far as I know, ASF is not dying: it just moved to internet radio station
    broadcast (starting with mms://).

    Unfortunately, the one dying is
    RealAudio! Anyway it was a pain to record ;-)


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