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Arylon / News: Recent posts

GNU Build-system added

I swallowed my pride and replaced my bake-scripts with the GNUean Build-utilities.
It's a good thing. Yes, yes. :)

Posted by Anonymous 2004-04-17

New grahpics engine

Before the next stable release, there will be a completely new graphics engine available. The current one, if it even qualifies to be called a graphics engine, is extremely ugly and very resource-taking.
Please bare with me. I've only been a coder for about two whole years... :-\

Posted by Anonymous 2004-04-17

Runes 1.0-beta released

Runes is a TrueType font rendering plugin for Arylon.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-04-12

Arylon-2.1.0 released

I'm proud to announce the initial release of Arylon. It is now available through the FRS and the STABLE-module of our CVS.
Wee. :)

Posted by Anonymous 2004-04-11

The project is now available!

Finally, the entire Arylon source-tree is now available through CVS. Enjoy. :)

Posted by Anonymous 2004-03-23

The engine to be launched on CVS soon!

As soon as I get rid of the old source-tree, the new entirely rewritten Arylon will be available via CVS.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-03-20