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Artha 1.0.3 released!

this version has the following in it:

One-the-fly search/filtering of wordnet terms as you type
Lookup history made persistant; can be cleared or stored for user's reference
Status/tray icon display now made optional
Familiarity/Polysemy count display now made optional
Show window on startup made optional
Lots of bug fixes!

Posted by Sundaram Ramaswamy 2012-10-16

Artha 1.0.2 released!

Artha for Windows is released! Windows users can now install Artha using the single pack installer provided. The win32 port has all the features it's Linux counterpart sports. Aditionally, notifications turn around time is made quicker on both ports and many other minor bug fixes go in to this release 1.0.2 (Puruṣārtha).

Posted by Sundaram Ramaswamy 2010-05-27

Artha 1.0.1 released!

* Suggestions are now made based on the English locale thats set in the user's system.
* Couple of bug fixes for KDE
* Special hotkey modifiers like Super, Hyper, etc. will now work

Posted by Sundaram Ramaswamy 2010-01-20

Artha 1.0.0 released!

With this new installment of Artha, one can edit the hotkey set to summon Artha. Changes are:
* New feature - Hotkey editor - for customizing hotkeys
* Instance Handler - Multiple instances are handeled gracefully maintianly one single unique instance always, across a session
* Sure shot window focus to the user on hotkey summoning
* Notifications are now a plug-in; no need for dev. headers of libnotify to build
* Lot of code clean-ups and minor fixes

Posted by Sundaram Ramaswamy 2010-01-11

Artha ~ off-line Eng. thesaurus with regex search released!

Artha ~ The Open Thesaurus/dictionary based on WordNet, now has regular expressions search feature added to it. Additionally, it has handy features like look-up on hot key press I.e. lookup a word after selecting it and pressing a hot key, suggestions for misspelled words, passive desktop notifications, etc.. This can be used as an advanced replacement to the proprietary WordWeb Pro.

Posted by Sundaram Ramaswamy 2009-05-22

Artha ~ The Open Thesaurus Homepage launched!

Artha ~ The Open Thesaurus now has a home page with extensive info on its features, screens, installation instructions and more.

Posted by Sundaram Ramaswamy 2009-02-13

Artha, off-line Eng. thesaurus released with suggestions!

Artha ~ The Open Thesaurus based on WordNet, now gives suggestions when a search word is misspelled. Additionally, when a relative word is selected from the list, the corresponding sense it relates to is highlighted. Display of Indirect antonyms improved. Help made better!

Posted by Sundaram Ramaswamy 2009-02-10

Artha ~ The Open Thesaurus 0.7.2 released!

The Linux replacement for WordWeb - Artha ~ The Open Thesaurus version 0.7.2 now released with lot of important updates and with features like hot key summoning (pop-up) and balloon notifications of the selected text's lookup definition. Best of all, Artha works off-line completely and doesn't go online to do the look up. This release has pre-build Debian packages for easy End User installation.

Posted by Sundaram Ramaswamy 2009-02-01

Artha ~ The Open Thesaurus Released!

Artha is an open source cross platform thesaurus based on WordNet, written using GTK+. It may be used as an advanced replacement of WordWeb in UNIX-like operating systems. It has unique features like notifications I.e. when in any window, selecting text & pressing a hot key will make Artha notify with the definition of the selection.

Posted by Sundaram Ramaswamy 2009-01-23