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0.4 Bugfix Release

0.4.1 has been released. It has a couple new features (smart crash reports and merge syncing), but it is mainly bugfixes of sorts.

Posted by Miles Wu 2006-05-25

arRsync 0.4 released

arRsync is an easy to use frontend for the UNIX utility 'rsync'.
This release brings the intended final interface, fixes some performance issues and enables two-way syncing. We also have a spiffy icon.

This release may be downloaded from:

Our website is now functioning at:

Posted by Zetetic Apparatchik 2006-03-21

First public release of arRsync

arRsync, a brand new Mac OS X GUI for the backup utility rsync has produced its first release! It is currently limited to mounted filesystems but network support (ssh/rsync) is next on the list.

Posted by Zetetic Apparatchik 2006-03-12