#427 Some resolutions don't work on M68K


Hello, I've reported this also on AROS-EXEC. Here is my issue:

Many resolutions, including 1366x768, make AROS 68K crash on JANUS-UAE.
I can't use 1360x768 (which works), because I need it for integration with janus, and my x86 side doesn't support 1360x768 (resolutions must be the same).
Long ago, the system worked but graphics were severely corrupted with this resolution. More recently, however, AROS just started crashing when setting up this res.

Please help me :-)


  • Jason S. McMullan

    Fixed in SVN revision 45945

    graphics.library: Use the HIDD method to get the width for non-planar bitmap

    This is required, for example, on Picasso96 on m68k when the
    width of the screen is 1366, otherwise the width is reported
    as 1370, which causes the MemChunk immediately after the screen
    to be clobbered after the first call to SetRaster().

  • Jason S. McMullan

    • assigned_to: nobody --> ezrec
    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • Jason S. McMullan

    Reopened, as deeper issues have been discovered.

  • Jason S. McMullan

    • status: open-fixed --> open-accepted
  • Jason S. McMullan

    Fixed (finally) in r45966

  • Jason S. McMullan

    • status: open-accepted --> closed-fixed

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