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Last Release for PHP 4.x

This is the last release for PHP 4.x.

The next release will not support PHP 4. due to adobd change.
Fixed some minor help files show issue.
Thank You

Posted by Chan Min Wai 2013-10-24

New Release 0.99-6

There are New Release.
Fixed a few Major human made error.

Thank You

Posted by Chan Min Wai 2003-11-20

Release of ARIA-0.98

Developmental release:
French and Spanish translation files are now well under way. We have also included a new "Install Wizard" for new users which is incomplete and is out there for hacking purposes only. Composite Item deduction problem is currently being worked on and the database update is included in the most recent tarball and zip files.

Posted by Josh Flechtner 2003-07-07

Aria-0.97.5 is Release

This release have included much of the bug fix and new languages translation technique. Try it out your self, using 1.php (english) as the template. FYI, 2.php is broken :(

Posted by Chan Min Wai 2003-05-06