#15 Resume torrent downloads



Could please somebody help me?
I wonder if there is any way to resume torrent downloads by aria2? As far as I know it's possible only for HTTP/FTP.

Thank you in advance.


  • tujikawa

    tujikawa - 2010-09-09

    You can resume torrent downloads just like HTTP/FTP
    For example, you started torrent download:
    $ aria2c -d /mydownloads file.torrent
    And stopped it by ctrl-c.
    To resume the download, just run aria2 with same directory to save and torrent file.
    $ aria2c -d /mydownloads file.torrent

    If you want to resume torrent download started by another client, use -V option.

  • shamay

    shamay - 2010-09-13

    Okay, thank you very much.

    Is there such possibility in daemon mode? Can I resume downloads in this mode?

  • tujikawa

    tujikawa - 2010-09-13

    Yes, but you have to specify absolute path.

  • shamay

    shamay - 2010-09-13

    I use XML-RPC interface to add torrent files. So if I need to restart aria2 I have to download all files to one directory and specify this absolute path and in this case aria2 will continue downloads?
    Actually I download files in different locations.

    Thank you.

  • tujikawa

    tujikawa - 2010-09-13

    It is not necessary that all downloads has to be saved in the same directory.
    For each download, directory should be consistent to resume.

    For example, suppose that you added A.torrent with --dir=/mydownloads and while downloading you stopped it by aria2.remove(or stopping aria2c daemon).
    When you resume it, (run aria2c daemon first if it does not run yet) just add A.torrent with --dir=/mydownloads

    aria2 also supports pausing download. You can pause download using aria2.pause and restart it using aria2.unpause. Pause has effect while aria2c daemon is running. When aria2c exits, the information which downloads are paused are lost.


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