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#15 directories for each virtual machine

Next Release

As handled in QTemu or VMware, the VM - its description, snapshot & HDimage files - should reside in its own subdirectory. This would make backup/copy and/or migration of VMs to other host machines easier. This should be implemented in the "New virtual machine" wizard and the "Add New VM" function.


  • Andrey Rijov

    Andrey Rijov - 2010-09-18
    • labels: --> New features
    • milestone: --> Next Release
  • Andrey Rijov

    Andrey Rijov - 2010-09-18

    Yes it is possible to implement. But not in the next version. Version 0.8.1 should be out soon. It has a serious bug-fix, so I want to release it as soon as possible.

  • MJS_music

    MJS_music - 2010-09-18

    I already guessed this would be a feature for v0.9 :-)

  • Tobias Gläßer

    Tobias Gläßer - 2016-06-01
    • status: open --> closed
  • Tobias Gläßer

    Tobias Gläßer - 2016-06-01

    One issue I see with this is that the user isn't always going to want to have his image files in the same directory as the VM "description".

    Easier migration would certainly be good, I'm looking into other ways of accomplishing this as well.

    I will not implement this feature any time soon, unless many people request it.

    If you want to request it, write another feature request at the project's new
    github issue tracker:



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