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Ranty is no longer with us :(

Manuel has died in a tragic car accident while returning from the Free Software conference held at Valencia, Spain in May 2004.


I will miss him here at apt-proxy. He was responsible for the Python rewrite for version 2.


Posted by Chris Halls 2004-05-30

apt-proxy 1.3.0 uploaded to Debian unstable

1.3.0, which includes the new HTTP backend code and apt-proxy-import, has been uploaded to Debian unstable. Hopefully It'll make it into Woody before it is released.

Posted by Chris Halls 2002-04-04 is out

This is a bugfix revision. This will go into unstable if no-one finds any bugs.

* Only download uncompressed packages files when rsyncing. Do not attempt
to get uncompressed sources, release or contents files. When downloading
uncompressed files with rsync, use compress switch (closes: #94226)
* Fix lockfile name used during clean sweep. Thanks to Lele Gaifax for the
* Fix an error where stale lockfiles were not deleted

Posted by Chris Halls 2002-03-06

Development version is out and apt-getable

The new development version includes http and ftp backend support using wget, and a method to import .debs from a directory into the apt-proxy archive. I have also created an apt-getable archive. See http://apt-proxy.sourceforge.net/apt-proxy/README for details.

Please try out this new version and give me feedback if you find any problems.

Posted by Chris Halls 2002-02-26

New web page

The Home Page link now has something behind it.

Posted by Chris Halls 2002-02-26

1.2.1 is out!

This is a bugfix revision for the 1.2 branch. Mainly because apt-file uses the Contents-arch file which apt-proxy did not understand. Also, the cache cleaning was leaving some older .debs around for longer than needed, because it was changing file access times.

Posted by Chris Halls 2002-02-22

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